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Why Cuba is the best holiday destination to escape to right now

Escaping to Caribbean warmth and sunkissed beaches in Cuba is not only possible but one of the safest tropical dreams that you can make come true now, right now, even amid COVID-19 restrictions. Included in the UK travel corridor and supported by a number of airlines and hotel chains guaranteeing the safety of travellers with a set of sanitary measures, here we illustrate the ways that a Cuba holiday right now is among the best decisions you could make.

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Five fun facts about Cuba's natural wildlife

Whilst Cuba's stunning cities and pristine beaches are a big draw for tourists, Cuba also has outstanding areas of biodiversity scattered across the island. Read on and get ready to discover Cuba's amazing wildlife.

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Ten fruits to eat during your visit to Cuba

Cuba's tropical climate and fertile soils mean that every day you can eat fresh fruit till your heart is content, some that are familiar, some that are exotic. Check our post to make sure you taste them all in your trip to Cuba.

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The five best ice cream parlours in Havana

Cuba is famed for its warm climate, and what better pleasure to indulge yourself with some ice cream during your visit. Havana's options don't disappoint! Check our list and get ready for Havana.

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Hotels in Cuba ready to welcome back visitors with super safe COVID-19 measures

Cuba has spent months redesigning their hotels and resorts to make them as COVID-safe as possible for visitors to relax and have peace of mind during their stay on the island. Click and read our take on these efforts.

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Ten fun facts about the world's smallest bird: Cuba's "bee hummingbird"

This cute, tiny bird is native and endemic to Cuba and is intriguing for a variety of reasons, from its small size to its bizarre mating rituals and super fast-beating wings. Read our article and discover ten fun facts about the bee hummingbird.

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