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Why Cuba is the best holiday destination to escape to right now

Escaping to Caribbean warmth and sunkissed beaches in Cuba is not only possible but one of the safest tropical dreams that you can make come true now, right now, even amid COVID-19 restrictions. Included in the UK travel corridor and supported by a number of airlines and hotel chains guaranteeing the safety of travellers with a set of sanitary measures, here we illustrate the ways that a Cuba holiday right now is among the best decisions you could make.

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Five fun facts about Cuba

Cuba is a country with so much to offer. There are quite possibly more than a million fun facts that could be written, but here are five to get things started. Check our post and see the most interesting tidbits of information about Cuba.

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Ten fun facts about the Grand Theatre of Havana Alicia Alonso

The Grand Theatre of Havana Alicia Alonso - "Gran Teatro de La Habana Alicia Alonso" in Spanish - stands proud in heart of Havana, and is the country’s most prestigious location for opera, ballet and performing arts. It is home to the Cuban National Ballet company. Its history dates back to 1837 when it was constructed as the Tacòn Theatre. The theatre was expanded and renovated in 1914 into the building you can see today, which is considered one of the finest examples of Baroque Revival architecture in Cuba.

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Ten fun facts reasons why Viñales is worth a visit

Situated in the Viñales Valley in the province of Pinar del Río, the journey to Viñales encompasses some of Cuba’s most picturesque landscapes. There is usually very little traffic on the road, and throughout the journey, there are multiple views that are worthy of making beautiful photographs.

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Fun facts about Ten Cuban musicians to listen to before your trip to Cuba

Cuba has always been an island with a rich musical output. Music plays a big role in Cuban culture, and the country has produced countless talented musicians. Whilst a list of Cuban musicians worth listening to could go on for miles and miles, I have limited it to ten to provide a starting point that (in my subjective opinion) give a flavour of different Cuban music.

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Ten fun facts about Havana Cathedral

Situated in the heart of the Old Havana and dominating the popular Cathedral Square is one of Havana’s most photographed historic landmarks: Havana Cathedral. The building was constructed between 1748 and 1777, and has enchanted the city ever since. The seminal Cuban writer Alejo Carpentier once described its appearance as ‘music set in stone,’ and if those stones could talk, they would certainly have plenty of stories to tell. Here are ten fun facts to fill you in on this magnificent place.

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