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The charming streets of Trinidad come to life at night, as the town fills with world-class musicians playing on street corners, plazas and parks. Trinidad’s bars and paladares also offer sensational live music, and there’s a decent range of clubs that guarantee an unforgettable night out. Among the most popular clubs is the Casa de la Música, with its peerless, romantic setting at the hiatus of a grand stone stairwell, right next to the Iglesia Parroquial Mayor. There’s a different show on every night, and you can enjoy everything and anything - from troubadours and rumba groups, to son and salsa shows.

A favourite bar amongst locals is La Canchánchara, famous for its house cocktail of the same name. Dating back to the 19th century independence wars, the Canchánchara cocktail is a smooth blend of honey, lime and rum, served in a jícara (small clay pot). Just one taste will give you enough of a kick to get dancing to the live bands that frequent the bar’s open-air courtyard.

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