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The Wall Street Journal suggests ways to discover Cuba, away from Cuba

Richard Knight Richard Knight

The Wall Street Journal has published an article to help recreate that holiday vibe that travellers the world over will be missing with travel restrictions in place. The article focusses on the Caribbean island of Cuba, and ways you can discover the plethora of charms it has to offer, all without being there.

TripAdvisor has selected two Cuban beaches amongst the world's most beautiful

Richard Knight Richard Knight

An article published by the UK newspaper The Mirror online has reported how TripAdvisor has chosen two beaches on the Caribbean island of Cuba amongst the 25 best beaches in the world for 2021. Read on and find out more about them!

How artists are mixing creativity with productivity in another Cuban "special period"

Richard Knight Richard Knight

The Guardian has published an article about how Cuba's artists, dancers, and musicians are learning new types of creativity during the Coronavirus pandemic just to put food on the table. Read on and find all the details.

How Cuba's isolation has made it into a natural paradise

Richard Knight Richard Knight

National Geographic has published an article describing how Cuba's political and geographical isolation of the last five decades have had a remarkable but unintentional benefit on the island's flora and fauna. Read on and find out how this Caribbean island's unique environment means it is home to over 3,000 endemic plant species, and how 80% of the animals are just not found elsewhere on the planet.

When is the earliest I can go to Cuba?

Richard Knight Richard Knight

The BBC has published an article clarifying the rules established by the government, and the necessary requisites required, regarding the steps to easing lockdown in England. Crucially, the article focusses on travel restrictions being lifted, and when we can consider travelling to Cuba again.

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