ArteHotel re-opens its doors in Havana

ArteHotel re-opens its doors in Havana

ArteHotel re-opens its doors in Havana

 14 June 2022   ArteHotel

There's more good news from Cuba's capital city Havana, as the ArteHotel re-opens its doors. Centrally located in the Vedado neighbourhood and focused on providing their guests with a creative environment, the ArteHotel is the ideal base for travellers wanting to explore Havana's burgeoning art scene! Read on and find out more!

A hotel focusing solely on art

ArteHotel says about itself that it is a:

"Lovely space inspired by art, taking you right to the centre of Cuban culture."

That's not just a claim either. The team behind the running of the hotel is led by some outstanding professionals who dedicate their lives to art.

Laura de la Uz and Hector Garrido, the founders of ArteHotel

At the helm of the hotel's management are Laura and Hector. The name Laura de la Uz may even be familiar to you. She is one of Cuba's best-known actresses, with an extensive and multi-award-winning career in film, theatre and television.

Hector Garrido is a renowned photographer, born in Spain and now a resident of Cuba. His professional career ranges from aerial photography to the portraiture of art personalities. He worked on the interior design of ArteHotel so you can see why the hotel is one of the most cultured around!

More about ArteHotel

ArteHotel is classed as a boutique hotel, and the effortlessly lavish interior design by Garrido blends beautifully with the exquisite service that the hotel is proud to offer.

Main hall of the ArteHotel hotel in Vedado, Havana, Cuba

It's a homage to Cuban culture everywhere you look, and each of the six rooms is thought to be a celebration of something particularly Cuban.

This is the perfect refuge for artists, laid-back travellers, musicians, or poets, and is an unrivalled place to experience the deep Cuban artistic culture whilst staying in one of the Caribbean's great cities.

Even the names of the rooms are dedicated to poetry, music, painters, dancers, authors, and the silver screen! If you consider yourself artistic in any way, this is the place for you!

Where is ArteHotel?

ArteHotel is beautifully situated in a stunning location in Havana, in the central district of El Vedado habanero. It's actually a completely renovated 1920s mansion, so you can imagine a traditional but modern atmosphere, blending the elegant and the relaxed.

Almost too good to be true, ArteHotel is located in the heart of the greatest cultural scene in Havana - in the central district of Vedado. The surrounding area is filled with theatres, restaurants, bars, hotels and cafes, and only four blocks from El Malecon, the famous seaside promenade where street musicians gather to serenade the sea from sunrise to sunset.

Decoration details at one of the rooms of ArteHotel

Nearby, you can also find La Casa de las Americas, Los Jardines del Teatro Mella where the International Jazz Festival takes place, and the Fabrica del Arte Cubano (FAC), possibly the largest and most chic cultural centre in Cuba.

Additional Services

It doesn't stop there either. The team at ArteHotel offer airport pick-up and drop-off services, classic 1950s car excursions with your own private driver, a guided tour with a professional photographer around Vedado, to see Cuba through a Cuban's artistic eyes, and free Wi-Fi in every room.

Lobby and reception area of ArteHotel, Vedado, Havana, Cuba

This will ensure that travellers staying at the ArteHotel can fully experience Havana and have the most memorable stay in the capital of the "Pearl of the Caribbean"!

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