Fit to Fly Certificate, COVID-19 PCR test

Fit to Fly Certificate, COVID-19 PCR test

Fit to Fly Certificate, COVID-19 PCR test

 02 February 2021   Cuba Direct

CubaDirect has compiled a list of places where travellers can obtain their Fit to Fly Certificate in a fast and reliable way. The vast majority of these providers offers results in 24 or 48 hours. A Fit to Fly Certificate is a letter signed by a doctor that confirms your fitness to fly and board a plane. Have a look.

Cuba is now open to UK visitors and some specific measures have been put in place that includes testing before you travel. Entry requirements can change at any time so we recommend regularly checking the FCDO website for most up to date information.

Although we have no direct affiliation with any private medical providers who offer PCR testing, we've compiled a list of some of the options available to you.

Area Test Provider Timeframe Price Certificate
Birmingham Midland Health 48h £185 Yes
Birmingham Screen 4 48h £115 Yes
Birmingham (Edgbaston) Midland Health 48h £155 Yes
Birmingham Nomad 48h £195 Yes
Bristol Nomad 48h £195 Yes
Cambridge Screen 4 48h £115 Yes
Cardiff Nomad 48h £195 Yes
Dorset Dorset Private GP 48h £199 Yes
Devon North Devon Travel Clinic 48-72h £130 + £30 certificate Yes
Edinburgh Dears Pharmacy 48h £149 Yes
Glasgow Glasgow Medical Rooms 48h £150 Yes
Glasgow Randox 24h £120 Yes
Glasgow Vivo Clinic 48h £149 Yes
Kent Global Health Travel Clinic 24h   Yes
Leeds Whitehall Clinic 48-72h £150 Yes
Liverpool Randox 24h £120 Yes
Liverpool & Oxton The Wirral Ghosh Medical Group 48-72h £150 Yes
London CityDoc 48h £175 Yes
London Nomad 48h £195 Yes
London Randox 24h £120 Yes
London Screen 4 48h £115 Yes
London (Central) Sameday Doctor 24-48h £250 Yes
London (Chelsea) Chelsea Bridge Clinic 48h £197 Yes
London (Harley St.) Walk-in Clinic 48-72h £175 Yes
Manchester Sameday Doctor 48h £250 + £120 certificate Yes
Manchester Doctorcall 48h £149 Yes
Manchester Nomad 48h £195 Yes
Manchester Screen 4 48h £115 Yes
N. Ireland Randox 24h £120 Yes
N. Ireland (Belfast) Vitalis Health 24-30h £195 Yes
Surrey Wren Healthcare 24-48h £145 Yes
Watford Concepto Clinic 48h £199 Yes
Wolverhampton & Shrewsbury Summerfield Healthcare 24-48h £248 Yes

The organisations listed and the associated costs is intended as a reference point. CubaDirect can't guarantee nor is responsible for the quality of the service you receive or the timeliness of the results. We recommend you speak with the provider you are proposing to use and take careful note of their advice and terms and conditions before using their services.

Customers who have flights booked with TUI could benefit from discounts with some suppliers, for more information check this page on TUI's website.

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