Iberostar hotels in Cuba to release "Travel at Ease" package, which includes free Wi-Fi

Iberostar hotels in Cuba to release "Travel at Ease" package, which includes free Wi-Fi

Iberostar hotels in Cuba to release "Travel at Ease" package, which includes free Wi-Fi

 17 December 2020   Caribbean Chile

A report from tour operator Caribbean Chile has published that from 15th December, all Iberostar hotels and resorts in Cuba will provide free Wi-Fi for guests, as well as several other complementary perks part of their "Travel at Ease" initiative, to offer extra peace of mind to travellers choosing Iberostar during the Covid-19 pandemic. Read on and get the details.

Who are Iberostar, and what is this package?

Iberostar Group is a family-owned, Spanish multinational hotel chain, whose beginnings in business go back to 1877. Its business presence extends to 35 countries and it has more than 32,000 employees, serving 8 million customers per year.

"Travel at Ease" with Iberostar

The "Travel at Ease" package has recently been launched in Mexico, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Brazil, but after its huge success, Iberostar now announces its expansion to the other destinations in which it operates, such as Cuba, Europe and North Africa. It should be remembered that these special perks will be available until August 2021.

Apart from free Wi-Fi in the Iberostar hotels, the Travel at Ease package includes services such as PCR tests for travellers with symptoms, and the extension of your stay at no extra cost to holidaymakers who test positive, and their families.

As well as all the necessary special care within the hotels, these guests will also have constant medical follow-ups, contactless room service, and in-room entertainment.

Iberostar's presence in Cuba

As one of the world's biggest hotel brands, Iberostar has really focussed on Cuba as a luxury destination suitable for both couples and families. Many are saying that the island is top-ranked not only in the Caribbean but also as a global destination.

There are no fewer than seventeen Iberostar hotels in Cuba, extending well outside the city of Havana. There are 4-star and 5-star Iberostar hotels and resorts all over the most important travel destinations within the island like Iberostar Selection Varadero, Iberostar Selection Bella Vista Varadero, Iberostar Tainos, and in Cayo Guillermo with Iberostar Daiquirí.

With Iberostar's contribution to the island's infrastructure, Cuba really has become an ideal destination for a family holiday or for a romantic getaway as a couple. Visitors here want for nothing and whether you're on the white sands of the Caribbean Sea, or taking in the breath-taking natural beauty and colonial architecture, Cuba provides a genuinely unforgettable experience.

A vision and a mission for Cuba

Upon releasing the "Travel at Ease" package, Finn Ackermann, global commercial director of Iberostar Hotels & Resorts stated:

"We continue to advance the care of our customers and partners by delivering increasingly responsible and worry-free experiences. Following the launch of 'ExtraCare' - a health insurance that is exclusive to bookings through our own channels - we are now pleased to announce the global launch of 'Travel at Ease', with which we offer extra peace of mind to our partners as well."

This coincides with Iberostar's vision of being a leader in offering quality and achieving customer satisfaction.

There's also a rumour that local hotel chain Gaviota Hotels will also adopt this free Wi-Fi policy following the trend set in Cuba by Melia and Iberostar. This will push Cuba further up the list of destinations deemed attractive, convenient and safe during the pandemic, and anyone considering a Winter getaway, or indeed any holiday throughout next year, will do well to consider Cuba as a destination that has taken on COVID-19 head-on and become a better-equipped place for it.

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