Iberostar Parque Central named as one of the hotels offering the best breakfast

Iberostar Parque Central named as one of the hotels offering the best breakfast

Iberostar Parque Central named as one of the hotels offering the best breakfast

 19 January 2022   Mornings.co.uk

According to mornings.co.uk, Havana is the place to be to start your day correctly, specifically the Iberostar Parque Central. This luxury hotel in Cuba's capital appears on a list of "best hotel breakfasts" around. Read on and find out more!

Most important meal of the day

There's an old saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Or that's what your mum probably told you over and over again when you were a child. "It'll keep your ribs from sticking together", or "it'll set you up, right for the day". But when you're on holiday, is it really that important?

Well, according to mornings.co.uk and a huge survey on TripAdvisor, yes it is. It turns out that travellers really do take their morning meal quite seriously. After all, if you've had one too many of the local cocktails the night before, the prospect of a really good breakfast being cooked and prepared for you is pretty tempting!

A very niche investigation

A company that evidently takes the antemeridian pretty seriously is mornings.co.uk. They're a mattress, pillow and bed specialist based in the UK, but their passion clearly lies with having a full stomach by 9:00 AM too.

They decided to carry out some research, possibly the most specific piece of research ever, to determine the number of mentions of "best breakfast," "great breakfast," and "excellent breakfast" on TripAdvisor, for every hotel in every capital city on the planet, as well as every US state. Interested? Get stuck in!

Flying the flag for Cuba

There are many reasons why travellers choose to go to Cuba. Some choose the white sandy beaches and turquoise waters, keen to relax in paradise for a couple of weeks. Others visit Havana for the history, the architecture, the "joie de vivre", the music, the bars, the restaurants, and the classic American cars rolling along the city's roads.

Others still choose Cuba for its unrivalled natural beauty spots, like Vinales, Baracoa, or Trinidad, where time seems to have stopped and you're transported to another time where oxen and mules are seen more frequently than cars, and wildlife that exists nowhere else on the planet thrives right before your eyes.

The list goes on. People choose to visit Cuba for a vast number of reasons. However, it's fair to say that not many people go to Cuba specifically for the quality of the breakfasts. Or do they?

The Iberostar Parque Central has just appeared on the mornings.co.uk list as one of the best breakfasts you can get in the whole of North America. Stomach starting to rumble?

In the standings, it's currently just 100 votes behind the Royal Bahamian and one reviewer writes:

"I am sure this is the best breakfast that any city hotel has in Havana. So much variety, fruits, jams, cheese, pastries, sealed yogurt, eggs at your choice, natural juice, butter, oats, coffee, milk, you will love it."

In fact, the Iberostar Parque Central is so highly rated by the reviewers, it appears as 8th on the whole list of "best breakfasts in the world", with 3,445 "great breakfast" reviews!

Iberostar Parque Central, superb breakfast and a great location to explore Havana

So, the next time you're considering Cuba for a holiday and decide to visit Havana - and it's a superb destination by the way - remember that Iberostar Parque Central is not only located in the very heart of Havana, but also offers the best breakfast in Cuba to kickstart your day and explore this wondrous city. This could be the one thing that tips this amazing hotel in your favour. Even the breakfasts here are excellent.

What's more, you'll need to line your stomach before you hit the daiquiris and mojitos later on in the day!

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