Melia Cuba invites us for a tour around its Cuban hotels post-COVID-19

Melia Cuba invites us for a tour around its Cuban hotels post-COVID-19

Melia Cuba invites us for a tour around its Cuban hotels post-COVID-19

 26 April 2021   LinkedIn

Melia Cuba has released a video giving holidaymakers a tour around its Cuban hotels, as well as highlighting all the latest news regarding changes and updates concerning travelling after the Coronavirus pandemic. Read on and find out more!

A heartfelt message from Melia Cuba

Melia Cuba has released a new video on YouTube in order to show travellers considering a trip to Cuba a virtual tour of the numerous updates in their hotels and all-inclusive resorts. This comes after the gradual easing of Coronavirus restrictions and the probability that holidaymakers from all over Europe and North America will consider Cuba as one of the best destinations for a holiday this Summer.

Maite Artieda Barroso, Communications and Marketing Director at Melia Cuba, in the video reassures viewers that Cuba is safe, secure, and continues to be the beautiful and unique island it has always been. She also clarifies that Melia Hotels are completely prepared to receive the tourists who have so long been waiting to visit.

An unforgettable experience with Melia in Cuba

The video also highlights the work that Melia Cuba has undertaken in its hotels so that visitors to the island can have the unforgettable experience so many others have when coming to these shores.

Firstly, the health and safety protocols under the scheme "Stay Safe With Melia" have been strictly updated. This guarantees that all rooms, furnishings, equipment, and installations meet the required levels of COVID-19 safety measures.

What's more, aside from COVID-19 protocols having been updated, Melia Cuba has made the most of the time when the hotels have not been full to renovate and refurbish their state of the art facilities right across the island.

One incentive includes free internet connection in every single hotel and resort, something that guests will not only appreciate but also come to expect as travel enters another age.

A real Cuban experience

Melia Cuba has also worked to make sure that their hotels go beyond simply being resorts too. In one particular incentive, the company has decided to further embrace the Cuban mentality, its way of life, and the unique way Cubans celebrate their day to day lives.

As a result, guests get to have an authentic Cuban experience at each hotel, without simply staying at a luxury resort in the Caribbean.

This includes Cuban-style gardens and parks around the hotels, traditional interior furnishings which celebrate the island's proud architectural heritage, Cuban breakfasts served on the beach each morning, and the luxury "Body & Soul" service.

The Body & Soul service by Melia includes massages, yoga, aerobics, Zumba, step classes, and aquatic cycling.

New experiences and themed days at Melia Cuba

Finally, in order to celebrate the honour of having so many hotels on this wonderful island, Melia Cuba has implemented themed days for the guests to enjoy.

One of these is "Cuban Day", which includes traditional Cuban dancing, authentic Cuban musicians, freshly prepared on-site Cuban gastronomy, local entertainers, singers, classical musicians, all washed down by magical sunsets. What's more, if you've still got the energy, DJs play on the beach under the moonlight where you can dance and drink till your heart is content.

Melia Hotels harnesses Cuba's beating heart

Maite Artieda states in the video that Melia Cuba caters perfectly for families, couples, groups of friends, and even solitary travellers who want to discover the music, the gastronomy, the world-famous beaches, and the culture.

"Cuba's heart beats to the rhythm of music, joy, and hospitality. Everything you're looking for here, you'll find." - Maite Artieda

Melia Cuba has made a huge effort to harness all those things - something which will only reinforce people's desire to visit this magical island very soon.

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