Melia Trinidad Peninsula, Trinidad's first Melia hotel, is nearing completion

Melia Trinidad Peninsula, Trinidad's first Melia hotel, is nearing completion

Melia Trinidad Peninsula, Trinidad's first Melia hotel, is nearing completion

 25 April 2022   Escambray

There's more great news regarding accommodation in Cuba as the word is out that Melia Trinidad Peninsula, Trinidad's first Melia hotel, is close to being finished and will open soon. Read on and find out more!

Opening up the stunning town of Trinidad

For people who haven't yet visited Cuba, Trinidad is one of the island's lesser-known gems. Located in the Sancti Spiritus province, it has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1988, because of its historical importance as the centre of the sugar trade in the 18th and 19th centuries, and the fact that it is one of the best-preserved towns in the Caribbean.

Plaza Mayor, Trinidad's main colonial square

Frequently described as a "living museum", many of the buildings originate from the 16th and 17th centuries, originally belonging to wealthy landowners. Their opulence provides an authentic glimpse into Trinidad's golden age, and in true Cuban form, the rich reds, yellows and blues of the buildings' facades add so much colour to this already stunning town.

Melia Trinidad Peninsula, scheduled to open in 2023

The Melia website states that next year will see the Melia Trinidad Peninsula open, as there are still some final works to be done.

Located 10 kilometres from the historic centre of Trinidad, the all-inclusive 4-star hotel has 401 rooms, as well as access to the Playa María Aguilar, offering tourists yet another fantastic accommodation option to explore and discover Trinidad and the surrounding area.

Seeing this hotel open will also considerably increase the number of hotels on the Ancon Peninsula, where the Trinidad del Mar, Ancon, and Costasur are also located. This is one of two hotels planned by Melia Cuba to open next year, reinforcing it as the largest hotel chain on the Caribbean island.

It is actually the largest tourist facility of its kind anywhere in the province of Sancti Spíritus and is currently undergoing the final stages of work to complete the veneer work, carpentry, and planting of bushes in the gardens and large outdoor areas.

Melia Trinidad Peninsula's facilities will be set among tropical gardens

Final works on the air conditioning and electrical systems are expected to begin in May, which make up some of the very last things to be completed before the hotel opens.

Bringing in money as well as tourists

The hotel is predicted to be an astute investment for the whole municipality of Sancti Spíritus, as it will constitute an important source of employment and foreign exchange earnings for social and economic purposes.

Datail of one of the rooms at Melia Trinidad Peninsula

Reiner Rendon Fernandez, delegate of the Ministry of Tourism in Sancti Spíritus, seconded this thought by highlighting the importance of completing the hotel on schedule, as it constitutes a significant source of employment and favours the increase in foreign exchange earnings for Cuba.

After all, despite the construction beginning in 2018, the completion date had to be rescheduled initially, due to the delay of supplies coming into the country from abroad, caused by the global health crisis from the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Main lobby at Melia Trinidad Peninsula

Happily, as Cuba was one of the most efficient countries on the planet in dealing with the pandemic, works were able to carry on and the future for this beautiful little corner of the "Pearl of the Caribbean" looks set to improve further.

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