Sunwing's Blue Diamond will manage Cayo Largo and all its hotels

Sunwing's Blue Diamond will manage Cayo Largo and all its hotels

Sunwing's Blue Diamond will manage Cayo Largo and all its hotels

 11 July 2022   Travel Week

The news has recently been published in Travel Week Canada that Sunwing is set to take over all eleven hotels on the Cuban island of Cayo Largo del Sur through its hotel management company Blue Diamond Resorts. Read on and find out more!

Blue Diamond increasing their presence in Cuba

The exciting news is out that Sunwing's hotel management company Blue Diamond Resorts is set to take over all eleven hotels on the Cuban island of Cayo Largo.

This means that Blue Diamond resorts will have a total of 1,348 rooms available distributed among 11 hotels on the paradisiacal island. Cayo Largo is located south of Cuba's southern coast, the Parque Nacional Cienaga de Zapata, and the famous Playa Giron just across the water.

Kinds enjoying the pool of Grand Memories Cayo Largo

The hotels located in Cayo Largo and now under Blue Diamond's management are:

  • Grand Memories Cayo Largo - All-inclusive, 306 rooms

  • Sanctuary at Grand Memories Cayo Largo - All-inclusive, Adults-only, 45 bungalows

  • Memories Cayo Largo - All-inclusive, 296 rooms

  • Starfish Cayo Largo - All-inclusive, 307 rooms

  • Villa Caprice - All-inclusive, Adults-only, 100 two-storey bungalows

  • Villa Natura - All-inclusive, Adults-only, LGBTQ+ friendly, 76 rooms

  • Villa Marina - 23 rooms

  • Villa Linda Mar - 53 rooms

  • Villa Coral - 59 rooms

  • Villa Serena - 59 rooms

  • Villa Soledad - 24 rooms

Sunwing and Blue Diamond Resorts recently released a video showcasing the kind of experiences you could enjoy when visiting Cayo Largo to celebrate the good news.

A specific Sunwing event was purposefully set up to announce the good news, and the announcement was made at the aptly named "Sunwing Loves Cuba" gathering held.

"Cuba is a very important destination for us and we've grown phenomenally over the years. This, in addition to the growth of Blue Diamond Resorts, has given us a privileged position with the government in allowing us to take over Cayo Largo completely, along with all the hotels on the island." - Eric Rodriguez, Executive Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Sunwing Travel Group

Who is Sunwing?

Founded in 2002, Sunwing Travel Group is a privately owned travel company headquartered in Toronto, Canada. The group operates an airline, Sunwing Airlines, three tour operators, a retail chain, a holiday club and a destination management company.

Stairs leading to the beach in Cayo Largo, Cuba

Blue Diamond Resorts is Sunwing's hotel management company and the second largest hotel chain by number of rooms in Cuba, behind Melia but ahead of Iberostar.

This announcement stating that they are set to take over all eleven hotels on the Cuban island of Cayo Largo will further increase the presence they have in the "Pearl of the Caribbean", and with the demand that Cuba is seeing recently, it's a very good move for everyone involved.

"Right now we are around 50% in all of our properties, and for Winter we are looking at very good occupancy of 90%." - Mohamad Fawzi, Managing Director, Cuba, for Blue Diamond Resorts

A new way forward for Blue Diamond Resorts

Understandably, the organisers who have brokered this plan for Cayo Largo are excited about what the future holds.

Couple running in one of the beaches in Cayo Largo del Sur, near Memories Cayo Largo hotel

Eric Rodriguez, Sunwing's Executive Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, spoke of the destination takeover as new territory.

"We haven't had a destination that's run by one hotel company ever in Cuba. This is a first. We've also obtained an import license to control what goods are coming in, so now it will allow us to control the quality within the hotels."

Making the most of the travel hiatus

You could say that Sunwing and Blue Diamond saw the enforced COVID-19 travel hiatus as a "once in a lifetime" moment to seize in order to adapt and improve. As tourists weren't coming, they decided to move forward with their plans.

Aerial view of the Sanctuary at Grand Memories Cayo Largo Hotel

Since then, the things that have been laid out as key themes for Sunwing and the Cuban government have led to improvements being focussed on across the board. That will only benefit Cuba in the long run too.

One key factor has been working towards the protection of the natural environment and ecosystems of Cayo Largo and also improving internet connectivity with the removal of scratch cards for Internet use, and increasing the WiFi coverage.

So, with no remaining COVID-19 protocols on the whole island, and Cayo Largo having its own international airport (CYO), access will be made much easier for holidaymakers choosing this stunning part of the world this Summer and Autumn!

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