Trinidad opens doors to tourism as Sancti Spiritus moves to Phase 3

Trinidad opens doors to tourism as Sancti Spiritus moves to Phase 3

Trinidad opens doors to tourism as Sancti Spiritus moves to Phase 3

 02 December 2020   Radio Sancti Spiritus

A local radio station from the province of Sancti Spiritus in the centre of Cuba has declared that the Cuban government has moved the whole area to Phase 3 in Cuba's COVID-19 recuperation process. This is fantastic news for international travellers who wish to see one of Cuba's finest jewels: Trinidad.

Sancti Spiritus moves to Phase 3 in Cuba's COVID-19 recuperation process

The committee that's been set up to control the prevention of COVID-19 in Cuba, headed by President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, has recently approved the province of Sancti Spíritus to move to Phase 3 of the island's recovery process.

Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz has stated that this important decision is based on the evidence that the province now fully complies with the corresponding health indicators to move to Phase 3.

Cuba's central provinces showing encouraging figures

As an additional element, he commented that for eleven consecutive days, the territory of Sancti Spiritus has also met the health indicators needed for its own transition to the "new normal".

As a result, Mr Marrero Cruz explained that it was appropriate to also move the cities of Sancti Spíritus and Cabaiguán to Phase 3 too, as well as Trinidad, previously in Phase 2. The remaining municipalities in the province have been in transition to Phase 3 since 17th November.

Re-opening Cuba's colonial jewel

Panoramic view over the city of Trinidad, Cuba with mountains in the background and a cloudy sky

This is indeed very positive news for international travellers and holiday-makers wishing to make Cuba their number one destination for some Winter sun this Christmas.

Trinidad, in the south of the island, has long been a particular favourite among tourists, known for its stunning colonial architecture, perfectly preserved churches and plazas, fine restaurants and world-renowned surrounding natural beauty.

Wooden balcony, Casa de los Conspiradores,Trinidad

Re-opening tourism to this part of the island will be a coup for local businesses and hoteliers who thrive off tourism, as well as some welcome respite for travellers the world over, seeking some enjoyment after what has proved to be a difficult year for everyone.

Welcome governmental plans to re-open

As of the end of last week, only seven positive cases for COVID-19 had been reported in the province as a whole, six of which had been imported from outside.

The Minister of Public Health, José Angel Portal Miranda, assured reporters that the territory has the disease fully under its control, although they must continue to analyse the figures on an ongoing basis.

Encouragingly for Cubans, the situation is stable in the capital city Havana too, thanks to the proactive stance the government has implemented to tackle the pandemic.

Governor Reinaldo García Zapata explained that 7,900 travellers are currently being monitored within the capital, and the authorities are fully assisting each individual to adhere to the established health protocols that have been reinforced.

The country's battle continues on the focus to save lives. This requires strict compliance with each of the measures that have been designed to confront the disease in this complex year. However, with Sancti Spiritus moving to Phase 3, there's light at the end of the tunnel as far as international tourism and normality are concerned.

Trinidad has survived for over 500 years to preserve its jaw-dropping beauty, and all the signs are indicating that despite its temporary closure to the world, it'll be open for the next 500 years too.

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