TripAdvisor has selected two Cuban beaches amongst the world's most beautiful

TripAdvisor has selected two Cuban beaches amongst the world's most beautiful

TripAdvisor has selected two Cuban beaches amongst the world's most beautiful

 27 February 2021   The Mirror

An article published by the UK newspaper The Mirror online has reported how TripAdvisor has chosen two beaches on the Caribbean island of Cuba amongst the 25 best beaches in the world for 2021. Read on and find out more about them!

Sun, sea, and sand in generous helpings

The article by The Mirror reports that Cuba has not just one, but two of the best 25 beaches in the world, describing them as "ridiculously beautiful".

That's because TripAdvisor's Travellers' Choice Best of the Best Awards are in where beaches all over the world are graded on the quality and quantity of reviews on TripAdvisor over 12 months. Clearly, after the Covid-19 pandemic, a key factor was analysing beaches that had the highest volume of "saves" since travel has been off the cards.

The specifics considered to win are things like golden sands, turquoise waters, palm trees, beautiful scenery, and heaps of sunshine.

Which Cuban beaches appear on the list?

Hut On the Beach in Cayo Santa Maria

The first beach that's mentioned in The Mirror's article, and indeed finishing in the second position on the list is Santa Maria beach at Cayo Santa Maria. Situated on one of Cuba's islands to the north of the main island, it's described as a "must-visit" location.

"Cuba boasts some incredible beaches but Santa Maria Beach is a must-visit. Sun-seekers can relax on the fine sands, adventurers can go snorkelling around the coral reef in the crystal-clear waters, or for those after a bit of a vibrant atmosphere the nearby snack bars could do the trick!"

TripAdvisor goes on to describe how the fine sand, calm waters and refreshing breezes off the water all contribute to a near-perfect setting, highlighting that swimmers and snorkellers can even sometimes come into contact with dolphins not too far out from the shore.

Similarly, in the 12th position is Varadero beach. Described as being a "picture postcard" beach, the reviews from TripAdvisor especially mentioned that the water at Varadero was possibly the bluest of all the beaches listed in the 25.

Scenic view of Varadero beach

Varadero beach has dropped slightly since 2019 when it finished in 2nd position, but it's thought that lack of international travel has brought about these changes, something that is likely to change as the world emerges from the pandemic with an increased appetite for travel.

Cuba as an increasingly popular holiday destination

The Mirror's article regarding TripAdvisor's best beaches is likely to propel the Caribbean island of Cuba up people's lists of places to visit this Spring and Summer when international travel restrictions are slowly lifted.

Both Cayo Santa Maria and Varadero beaches received almost 2 million visitors annually before Coronavirus, all seeking to enjoy fishing, diving, swimming, and sunbathing at these paradisiacal locations.

Over time, a similar number of visitors is likely to be expected. Travellers will wish to add Cayo Santa Maria and Varadero to their bucket-lists whilst the whole island of Cuba provides a plethora of activity and beauty away from the coasts in the tropical interior too.

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