Cuba travel news

Cuba is known for its American cars but Soviet Ladas are really close to the Cuban heart

You may imagine old Fords, Cadillacs, and Chevrolets when you think of Cuba, but as an article in The Independent tells us, it's the Russian Lada which the Cubans hold really close to their hearts. Read on and find out why!

The Telegraph predicts Cuba will be "green" on the UK's new holiday traffic light system

Respected British broadsheet The Telegraph has published an article stating that there's a good chance that Cuba will be listed as a "green" destination on the UK's new holiday traffic light system. Read on and find out more!

Santa Maria Beach voted best beach in the Caribbean

Santa Maria Beach in the Villa Clara province of Cuba has been voted the best beach in the Caribbean in the 2021 Travellers' Choice Best of the Best Awards for Beaches, by TripAdvisor. Read on and find out more about this idyllic setting, and how Cuba boasts another three in the world's top 25!

Travel blogger Rhonda Krause explains what to expect from your first trip to Cuba

Canadian travel expert Rhonda Krause has written a helpful article about what you can expect from visiting Cuba for the first time. After all, it is a country of paradoxes where time seems to have stood still! Read on and find out more about its unique charm.

The Wall Street Journal suggests ways to discover Cuba, away from Cuba

The Wall Street Journal has published an article to help recreate that holiday vibe that travellers the world over will be missing with travel restrictions in place. The article focusses on the Caribbean island of Cuba, and ways you can discover the plethora of charms it has to offer, all without being there.

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