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A Cuban Soul: How a star from Starsky & Hutch nearly ended up in jail

Richard Knight Richard Knight

The Mail Online has published a stunning story about how British American actor David Soul, best known for playing Hutch in the 1970s TV show Starsky & Hutch, has faced financial ruin and jail, just to get his latest film Cuban Soul finished. Read on and find out how!

A new travel guide promises to describe Cuba in a whole new way

Richard Knight Richard Knight

Online newspaper The Scotsman has published an article recommending Mike Gonzalez's new book "A literary guide for travellers, a journey through Cuba with artists and writers" as the standout on their must-read wish-list. Read on and find out why!

FIFA reports that football is gradually becoming Cuba's most popular sport

Richard Knight Richard Knight

An article by has reported that football is on the rise in Cuba, gradually usurping baseball as the Caribbean island's most popular sport. Read on and find out more about this interesting topic!

Melia hotels in Cuba nominated for World Travel Awards 2021

Richard Knight Richard Knight

Six Melia Hotels in Cuba have recently been nominated for the 28th annual World Travel Awards in Dubai this coming Autumn. Read on and find out more about them!

Cuba is known for its American cars but Soviet Ladas are really close to the Cuban heart

Richard Knight Richard Knight

You may imagine old Fords, Cadillacs, and Chevrolets when you think of Cuba, but as an article in The Independent tells us, it's the Russian Lada which the Cubans hold really close to their hearts. Read on and find out why!

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