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Cuba announces end of CUC from January 2021

Richard Knight Richard Knight

In an article published by the BBC on 11th December, it was reported that the Cuban government recently announced plans to scrap the use of the Convertible Cuban Peso (CUC) from 1st January 2021 in a nationwide monetary reform.

Melia hotels in Cuba to provide free Wi-Fi

Richard Knight Richard Knight

A report from Prensa Latina has published that from Winter 2020, all Melia Hotels in Cuba will provide free Wi-Fi for guests as part of the hotel chain's ongoing commitment to development and investment in the island's infrastructure. Read on and get the details.

BBC publishes a helpful guide clarifying quarantine rules for visitors returning to the UK

Richard Knight Richard Knight

With lockdown having come to an end on 2nd December, the BBC has released a useful guide to clarify the quarantine rules for travellers when returning to the UK from abroad. Take a look!

Trinidad opens doors to tourism as Sancti Spiritus moves to Phase 3

Richard Knight Richard Knight

A local radio station from the province of Sancti Spiritus in the centre of Cuba has declared that the Cuban government has moved the whole area to Phase 3 in Cuba's COVID-19 recuperation process. This is fantastic news for international travellers who wish to see one of Cuba's finest jewels: Trinidad.

Sunshine and splendour: Travel experts everywhere are saying Cuba's the place to be this Christmas

Richard Knight Richard Knight

British newspaper The Daily Mail online is recommending Cuba as the perfect holiday destination post-lockdown. This stunning and multi-dimensional Caribbean island is open again for international tourism and is offering a wide range of different style holidays which cater to all types of traveller.

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