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Havana, Viñales and Varadero: Cuba’s golden triangle of the West

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Three closely situated special travel destinations mean that in Cuba you can experience vibrant city life, stunning nature and pristine beaches all on the same multi-centre holiday. Yes, three holiday experiences in one. Read on and see how.

The best Cuba holiday destinations for thrill-seekers and nature lovers - adventure travel at its purest

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Cuba is a wondrous archipelago full of natural wealth and wild beauty. No wonder then, that so many people are curious about the best Cuba holiday destinations for adventure travel. Those who like to get active on holiday and explore beyond picturesque cities and postcard-perfect beach resorts will find in Cuba the perfect wild paradise with a myriad of protected nature reserves to discover (plus some exciting city and beach destinations too!).

City and Beach Holidays Without Leaving Havana

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Beach getaway or city getaway…What if you could have both without having to sacrifice travel time or spend money on transfers? What if you could have amazing city fun AND incredible beach time without leaving Havana? Sounds interesting? Well keep reading!

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