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Havana Centro

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Ten fun facts about the Grand Theatre of Havana Alicia Alonso

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The Grand Theatre of Havana Alicia Alonso - "Gran Teatro de La Habana Alicia Alonso" in Spanish - stands proud in heart of Havana, and is the country’s most prestigious location for opera, ballet and performing arts. It is home to the Cuban National Ballet company. Its history dates back to 1837 when it was constructed as the Tacòn Theatre. The theatre was expanded and renovated in 1914 into the building you can see today, which is considered one of the finest examples of Baroque Revival architecture in Cuba.

Ten fun facts about Havana's famous "Malecon"

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The Malecon (El Malecón in Spanish) has always been popular with locals and visitors to Havana. Day and night it attracts all walks of life, from families to philosophers, and acts as a long, relaxed recreational space that contrasts strongly with the narrow streets and hectic activity of the old city.

El Capitolio: Ten fun facts about Havana's most photographed building

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Classic images of Havana usually involve vintage North American cars driving along old backstreets, perhaps with a musical instrument or someone smoking a cigar in the background. If the photographer or the artist decides to choose an iconic building to feature in the backdrop, they usually go for El Capitolio. Its enormous dome is iconic, marking the Havana skyline like St Paul’s Cathedral marks London or St Peter’s Basilica marks Rome.

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